Thanks for visiting The Interactome, the meetings blog of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. This blog is cultivated by ASBMB staffers, members and contributors for the society’s member magazine, ASBMB Today.


#EB2013 bloggers

Shannadora Hollis, columnist for ASBMB Today

Mark Stewart, contributor for ASBMB Today

Biochem Belle (@biochembelle) will be blogging for ASBMB here.


ASBMB staff contributors

Angela Hopp (@angelahopp), editor of ASBMB Today

Rajendrani Mukhopadhyay (@rajmukhop), science writer for ASBMB Today

Chris Pickett (@ChrisPickett5), ASBMB policy fellow

Geoff Hunt (@goodbyeshoe), ASBMB science outreach coordinator


Interested in writing for The Interactome about an ASBMB meeting? Email asbmbtoday@asbmb.org.


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