An introduction (and some fashion advice)

Greetings! I am Paula Rincon, one of ASBMB’s official meeting bloggers.

I have been to several scientific conferences in the U.S., but I can comfortably say that nothing compares in breath to the Experimental Biology meeting. With thousands of scientists convening in San Diego this year to discuss subjects ranging from molecular biology to anatomy, this is where all those networking skills so frequently reinforced during career-development workshops will pay off.

I am at the dawn of my scientific career, so I must admit that growing my professional network and learning valuable career-path lessons from accomplished scientists are my main goals of attending EB this year.

I know I’m not alone in this quest for professional enlightenment, so this year I will be sharing my experiences here. My posts will reflect the highlights of my networking encounters as well as anything interesting that I come across during the meeting. For updates, follow my Twitter feed, @rincon_mp, and my Instagram feed, also @rincon_mp, to see the meeting in real time!

Now if, like me, you’re planning to make awesome connections at the meeting but are still unsure of what to wear, let me just emphasize that being comfortable must be the bottom line. Be prepared to walk long distances, so keep high heels and newly purchased shoes out of your luggage.

Also, being underdressed can not only make you come off unprofessional, but it can be uncomfortable, as the A/C is always on at the convention center and the rooms are often chilly.

Most people wear black, brown or grey, but why not try floral-printing or pastel colors? It’s springtime, and we are meeting in Sand Diego — not in Toronto.

For ladies: If you have only limited room left in your travel bag and still haven’t packed a top for every day of the conference, try using the same neutral color shirt but accessorize with colorful, but not too flashy, necklaces and hair pins. You will surely receive compliments that can easily lead to awesome scientific conversations.

Whatever you do at EB, keep in mind that there is only one chance to make a first impression, and we all know how important that first impression is!


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