How to prepare for EB 2014

We at ASBMB look forward to seeing our members, students and other investigators at Experimental Biology 2014 in San Diego later this week. In the April issue of ASBMB Today, we provided a ton of tips for how to make the most out of the experience. Hope these are helpful to you! — Angela

  • Double-check your packing list: Shaila Kotadia, ASBMB’s science policy fellow, came up with this handy checklist so that you’ll be prepared to travel and shine once you arrive in San Diego.
  • Ready, set, tweet: It’s time to start thinking about how you’ll communicate your science and the science presented by others during the meeting. Make sure to use the #xBio hashtag and come see us at the ASBMB Twitter breakfast (newbies will be trained)!
  • Get out of the convention center: Part of the fun of a conference is traveling and checking out a new city. So why not take a break and explore San Diego? ASBMB’s science policy fellow, Shaila Kotadia, did the homework for you!
  • Learn about outreach: The ASBMB meeting once again will feature a full slate of programming from the Public Outreach Committee. If you are interested in getting involved with outreach or just curious about what outreach is, put these events on your itinerary.
  • Have your say about funding: The ASBMB Public Affairs Advisory Committee has launched a project with a goal of moving the biomedical research enterprise onto a sustainable path. A panel session on the second day of the meeting will address the barriers to sustainability and discuss possible mechanisms to overcome these impediments. Sitting on this panel will be four distinguished guests with experience bridging the divides among academia, government and industry.






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