Watch your language!

Science is difficult to make accessible to the public. Why? Because it is hard, explained Scott Asakawa, the Outreach Coordinator for NOVA. Scott shared ways to make science more accessible at the Science Cafe 101 session. What is a science cafe and is there one in your city? These answers can all be found on the science cafe website. In short, science cafes encourage dialogue between scientists and the public.

Scott shared several tips to engage the public with science. A few tips include using props, learning about your audience, and being visually appealing. Additionally, scientists should watch their language! Scientists should avoid using scientific terms and jargon when explaining research. Obviously, this takes practice. You can check out scientists and engineers practicing explaining their research in under 30 seconds at the secret life of scientists and engineers.

Science cafes are currently in 49 states, excluding Wyoming. If you live in Wyoming or can’t find one by you, then send an e-mail to to setup a science cafe in your city.


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