So what’s next?



If you’re a graduate student, chances are you’ve probably asked yourself at some point: 1) What is the meaning of life? 2) What am I going to do with mine?  If so, hopefully you had a chance to check out the Graduate Student Colloquium entitled “Introducing the Individual Development Plan: A Key to Success”.  The session was all about career development.  A series of speakers talked to a room full (standing room only to be precise) of graduate students about post-graduate PhD career paths.  After the presentations, students had an opportunity to have breakout sessions with the speakers.  And so the brain picking began…. When asked about what to do when exploring career paths, Dr. Stephani Sutherland, a freelance science writer stressed the importance of “challenging yourself” and emphasized the importance of having passion and a mentor that fosters that passion.  Looking around the room, everyone seemed to be on the edge of their seats.  The speakers were both engaging and informative.  Kudos to the respective societies for pushing the importance of career development.


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