Sensory overload…

As I waited for my flight to Logan Airport at the departure gate, I looked around and couldn’t help but notice the calmness in the air.  Here we were waiting to board a flight to a city that just experienced an unspeakable sequence of events, and not a soul talked about it (at least not in my earshot).  No conversations about the breaking news, no suspicious side-eye glances, no indications of anxiety…just calm.  Like a calm after a storm almost.

The unexpected sense of “normalcy” continued as we boarded the plane.  In fact we had quite a lively flight attendant, who interspersed her announcements with generous offerings of jokes.  My favorite was her sternly informing the men on the plane to tuck their man purses or “murses” as she affectionately called them, under the seat in front of them.

I’m no frequent flyer, and quite honestly I don’t look forward to the turbulence that flying often brings, and I often search for something to do to quiet my nerves.  I refused to pay the $8 wi-fi fee for a 40 minute flight, so posting a blog entry would have to wait until later.  So what did I do to calm my fears?  I wrote… For some reason this past week, and the upcoming EB conference have me feeling creative…and reflective…and anxious (afterall scientific conferences are sensory overload).  And so I wrote…

lately I’ve been feeling like I have wings

being carried by the wind

coasting me closer to my dreams

drifting on the memories of struggle

catalyzed by hope

driven by dreams

I know my purpose

and so I live purposefully

humbled by life’s mysteries

the intricacies

and idiosyncracies

I won’t even attempt to explain…

they are often far beyond reason

and perhaps the season for understanding hasn’t come yet

and overstanding can take its place in the meantime

see it’s my soul’s springtime

and I must realize that I am a vessel

filled with possibility and the ability to scratch the surface of the unknown

or better yet the unexplored

and so like many I am implored

to make the energy of creativity and ideas kinetic

this time it’s with words

and my hope…is that I do it justice.


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