Spring is here, and EB is right around the corner!


If you’ve read the introduction to my column, Nature’s Pathways, you know that I love science and food.  In each article, I highlight some aspect of the biological activity of a particular herb (defined as a plant or plant part used for its scent, flavor or therapeutic properties) and how it relates to human health and disease.

In “The Interactome,” I hope to bring some of the information discussed in the column to life.  After all it IS called The INTERACTome.  😉  As such, this series of blogs will be an effort to make things a bit more interactive.  The first order of business: Experimental Biology 2013.  It’s right around the corner, so look out for posts highlighting some of the interesting posters, talks, etc. that I come across during the meeting.

Now let me direct your attention to the image included in the post.   It’s a picture of a some of the veggies and herbs that I’m getting ready to plant for the spring.   I don’t just write about herbs — I grow them!  As you can see, they seem to be sprouting quite nicely.  I’ve got lettuce, calendula and sage, just to name a few.  With a little love, water and luck, they should be ready to go soon.

Yeah!!! Spring is here, and EB is on the way!


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